There’s a big problem in finding a suitable design for an online platform which will attract visitors and customers. Feedmethemes helps to solve it and offers professional website templates for HTML, Drupal and WordPress.

How does it work?

The mentioned service was created in 2018 by enthusiasts who wanted to save users’ time and money when they start an online platform. To try the offered functions you should open the website, choose a free or premium version, click on the suitable type of webpage and detect the category of content. Then, there’ll be all possible variants which can be bought or simply downloaded.

How much does it cost?

There are a lot of free templates – almost 300. So for those who aren’t sure about something, there’s a choice. Speaking about premium, the price varies. For example, a simple minimalistic theme for HTML costs $17 and it was bought by 800 people. Sounds great, because every theme is monthly updated and always look modern.

What’s more?

For those, who need additional features there’s a special filter on the left. Feedmethemes allow choosing the functions which are must, for instance, bootstrap admin dashboard. Also, there can be found SASS, Lazy Load, Commerce etc.

The number of categories is great! Everybody will find a good template for websites devoted to business, photography, real estate, services, news, technologies and more and more other.

While buying the creator’s name is shown so it’s very easy to find reviews about somebody’s work and make a conscious choice.

As you can see, Feedmethemes is for busy and modern people who don’t waste time and money. Give such tasks as website design to professionals to get better results.