After the recent Facebook scandal, more and more people going online now care only about their security and anonymity.
This is how proxy servers got so popular. Their main function is to hide the user’s IP address or mask it with another one. Your IP address is a very sensitive piece of information and sharing it is like saying your name and home address to every stranger. Surely, people don’t want it, so they go to and get some extra layer of Internet protection.
However, it’s a common mistake that this is the only thing proxy servers are capable of. There’s much more to this technology than you can notice from the first glance.
Even though you don’t share the IP address with the websites you visit, you do share it with the server. It turns out you are not anonymous, at least to their server.
It’s also crucial to understand that not all proxy servers are created in the same way. They behave differently and belong to different people (and you never known to whom exactly you share your data). What’s more, the data gets encrypted only after it reaches the server. It means that it can be hijacked on its way to the proxy and the hacker can get your social media passwords, credit card information, etc. if you own a YouTube channel and already established yourself as an influencer, your stolen password can result in tons of harm not only to your reputation but to the PCs of millions of your views. The hacker can spread some virus or undesirable content to your subscribers’ list. In order to avoid it, visit and learn more.
Proxy servers themselves don’t report to you on what they do with the data they get from you. If it’s a reliable company that built its reputation by selling you the high-quality services, you probably don’t have anything to worry about. However, when using the free proxy servers, you should realize that nothing in this world is free. The owner of that service still makes money on you.
Anyway, it doesn’t mean you must avoid using proxy servers at all costs. It simply means that it’s better to be safe than sorry. Saving a few dollars by using a free unverified server and losing much more may not be worth it.