Are you surprised? But what will you say if we didn’t lie? Testmatick, the mentioned company, really allows testing digital products for free. Let’s see how.

The mentioned automated testing service is called Testmatick. It was created in 2009 in Ukraine, and now there are offices in the USA too. It has many advantages, and we’ll tell you about them. But the thing which catches attention most of all is that everyone can use the service for free.

How not to pay for testing?

If you’re a new client, it’s the only thing you need. Just press on the button Start a Free Pilot Project and get acquainted with the rules. Then, fill in a special form writing some words about you and your project. After all the details are adjusted, your project is tested for 20 hours. This opportunity allows knowing more about the team and main principals of operation.

What services are there?

As we’ve said before, there are more than 20 options. Among them, one will find usability, load, game, automated, localization, and other kinds of tests. It means that they are suitable for any type of project: a game, web or mobile application, website.

Why select Testmatick?

–    The work will be started in an hour after the request before you sign a contract and pay;

–    The working hours are flexible and adjusted for your preferences;

–    All the old clients get bonuses and special offers;

–    You won’t find negative reviews, all clients get what they want;

–    If you don’t understand something, there’s an FAQ section with all the answers to possible questions.

So, visit the website and make sure we don’t lie. Become one of these satisfied users!