This track is a hit song due to many reasons – powerful riff, lyrics, and the cooperation with the football fans. Anyway, nowadays almost everyone knows the track and loves it. Learn more about it or listen to other popular songs.

The history of writing “Seven Nation Army” by the White Stripes 

Interestingly, the music producers in the Seven Nation Army did not recognize the future hit in the Seven Nation Army and did not want to release it with the first single from the album Elephant. But Jack, the author, insisted to do this and he was right. The song led many charts, was included in various lists of the best songs of the 2000s and brought him to the Grammy.

Song and Sport

The football fans’ love of the song began with the fans of the Brugge football club, by singing at the Champions League match when their team played against Milan. To become world champions, in this tournament it is necessary to defeat seven other teams – seven nations. Fans in each match were chanting the song. Listen to this and other free popular music online.

Whether joking or serious, the author of the song said in an interview that he planned to use the guitar riff as the main theme of the next James Bond film if he was asked to write it. But then he decided that this was unlikely and based on it created the song Seven Nation Army. Anyway, nowadays, many football fans often sing the Seven Nation Army in the stands, inserting lines into it that glorify their idols or ridicule their opponents. This is one hundred percent hit of all football fans.