Mineralt is a miner which can be integrated into any platform from a browser extension to mobile apps. It was created in 2017 and has gained popularity among those who want to earn on their visitors. To reach this result the creators added some unique features.

A variety of currency

This service is appreciated by users because of the offered coins: Monero, Nicehash, Electroneum and Sumokoin. So everyone will find something suitable.

An easy principal of working

The way Web Browser & Mobile Miner – Earn More on Your Website and Mobile App works is simple: website owners copy the miner code to their platforms and it starts earning money on visitors’ CPU power. Its mining ratio is the highest so it won’t be a mistake to use this service. It also isn’t hard to calculate the future incomes – there’s a special box where users fill in a number of visitors (per month), the average time they spend on the platform and the max CPU load. Moreover, the website predicts the most profitable coin for mining.

Reasonable price for the usage

You’ve probably thought about the price and that such system can’t cost little. But we want to fight your fears – there are no additional fees! The only money Mineralt takes from clients is 30% from rewards. Due to this even new and unpopular websites can earn. For example, you have only 4000 visitors who spend 2 min. on the website. With a 60% CPU load, you’ll get $0,89 per month.

We think it’s great that there’s Mineralt which earns money on visitors. And what’s your attitude to such services?