Today paying with Bitcoins is possible in some establishments, there are ATMs where you can exchange physical currency for virtual currency, and there are even debit cards for you to pay with your Bitcoins wherever you want.

The first virtual currency to appear was Bitcoin back in 2009. From that moment, cryptocurrencies have not stopped growing, and many digital coins alternative to Bitcoin have emerged, each with a peculiarity. Probably you have ever wondered what can be done with virtual currency.

The value and the utility of cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin has a global value much higher than that of other virtual currencies which makes it the main cryptocurrency; this makes it the leading currency when we think of digital currencies. However, what about the other cryptocurrencies? Its usefulness is the same: you can change your money for them and use them to make transactions. Make a visit to for more on this.

How to get Bitcoins?

Given that transactions with this type of currency are made without intermediaries, directly from person to person, using cryptocurrencies to send money to other countries is a saving to be taken into account when avoiding third parties. There are many websites to do so. One of the most popular is Coinbase. A site where you can store Bitcoins, buy and sell as well as send Bitcoins, one of the most successful operations of this digital currency.

Where to pay with Bitcoins?

What is a coin for if you can not pay with it? You can currently go on a trip paying with Bitcoin in Destinia. Dell accepts payment in Bitcoin from its online store in the United States. Another large company like Microsoft allows you to pay for your digital content through bitcoins.

Little by little new websites are added that accept this method of payment, although there is still a long way to go before this currency is accepted in online stores such as Amazon.

Moreover, outside of the online world?

Is it possible to pay with this type of coins in establishments? The answer is yes. In Spain, there have been some initiatives that allow you to pay in some stores through Bitcoin.

ATMs and virtual currency cards

Moreover, how do we pay with Bitcoins in an establishment if we are talking about a digital currency? To do this, you will need a debit card with your Bitcoins account; there are some services, such as Xapo that offer a debit card that works as a purse for your bitcoins, the recharges and you can use it as a regular card.

Finally, it would help if you did not forget that bitcoins are a form of investment. Since its creation in 2009 its value has multiplied close to 50 times. So it would be another option different from the stock market, the funds, the real estate capital, the deposits, the bonds.