It may be challenging to find the best CRM online service for boosting your business opportunities, based on your goals, specifics of your business, and other factors. We offer to your attention 5 great CRM platforms available online that you can use for increasing your sales.

Best CRM Online

Best CRM online has been developed by bpm’online, a global software company that focuses on business process automation and CRM. It is a great platform for increasing your sales and lead generation by smart management of business information on products and customers.

Best CRM online includes the following features:

  • Visual process designer ensures automate key business processes based on preconfigured elements for setting up different activities, processing data, working with pages, and external services;
  • Account and contact management allows creating a single customers’ database and take advantages of a 360-degree view of your customers;
  • Communication panel allows communicating with your team and customers by making calls, sending email, approving contracts and collaborating in the inner social network.

Best CRM Online can be checked out at


It is an award-winning online CRM platform that can help you to attract and retain your customers. The main functionality of the platform is lead and contact management, but it also includes purchase control and sales pipeline management. It is suitable for businesses of different sizes. Zoho CRM can automate business activities, engage customers, and track sales.

Zoho’s оnline CRM features:

  • Customer Service Analytics;
  • Customer Support Tracking;
  • Email Response Control;
  • Knowledge Management;
  • Live Chat;
  • Performance Metrics;

You can check it out here.



It is an online customer relationship management tool that can be used by teams of different sizes. It features a powerful yet simple design.

Pipedrive’s main features of this platform include:

  • Visual sales pipeline;
  • Follow up consistently;
  • Send, receive and track emails;
  • Top-rated iOS and Android apps;
  • Easy to set up;
  • Customize everything.

You can check it out here.

Teamgate CRM

It is the time-saving online sales software that will help you to manage the entire sales process in a hassle-free way.

Teamgate CRM includes a range of intelligent integrated features, such as:

  • Mailchimp;
  • Teamgate/Linkedin Shuttle;
  • Zendesks;
  • Zapier;
  • Piesync.

You can check it out here.

Agile CRM

It is an All-in-One platform allowing taking advantages of automated processes in sales, marketing, and service.

The main features of this platform include:

  • Web analytics;
  • Sales tracking;
  • Telephony;
  • Contact management;
  • Marketing automation;
  • Two-way emails;

You can check it out here.